Design Workshop Series P.2:
Design Thinking Foundations


1 hr 15 mins


This chain of workshops is designed to equip designers with essential knowledge and skills to create impactful and user-centered designs. We will explore the principles of impact-centered design, decision-making processes, and understand how to effectively map user journeys and service design foundations.

During this workshop, you will understand how your designs can have a profound impact on users and stakeholders. Learn strategies to create designs that resonate and drive positive change.

  1. Understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.
  2. Gain insights into users and beneficiaries to focus on solutions that enable us to deliver impact.
  3. Learn whether and how much research is necessary and how to effectively allocate time for it.
  4. Determine what is viable and needed as a business to create impact.
design centered
Featured speakers:
Urooj Qureshi

Urooj Qureshi

CEO at Design Centered Co. & Founder at Impactor App

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