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Ideate to Impact

Harness the power of team collaboration to prioritize and commit to decisions that deliver value, faster!

Unlock New Ideas to Put into Action

Let your team’s creativity flow with our Ideate feature. It’s like a virtual brainstorming room where everyone can share their brilliant ideas. Our user-friendly product dashboard makes it a breeze to jot down, discuss, and refine concepts. No more worrying about missing that ‘aha’ moment! Embrace innovation and watch your project come to life as you tap into your team’s collective genius through Ideate.

Rank and choose your project’s next steps with ease using our Prioritization feature. Each idea in your product dashboard comes with two clear options: rate it for effort and rate it for value. Your team members assess each idea based on how much work it requires and how much impact it could have. This direct input empowers you to make well-informed decisions, prioritizing ideas that deliver maximum value with minimal effort. It’s your team’s guide to project success, simplified.

Meet our AI Assistant, a versatile tool that boosts productivity and creativity. It does more than handle tasks; it sparks new ideas and helps you prioritize with data-driven insights. As you use it, the AI Assistant adapts its suggestions to fit your needs, making it a valuable partner for optimizing your projects.

With Impactor App, you will be able to manage all of your project artifacts all in one place. No more looking for files across your organizations network and multiple tools. Keep important documents, capture valuable insights, and share from a single source.

Enable Your Team with Impactor

One sentence to introduce use case personas


project manager

Our product equips project managers with a powerful suite of tools. They can ideate, prioritize, and benefit from an adaptable AI Assistant that fosters innovation and streamlines their project management process, ensuring successful project outcomes.


product manager

Our product is a must for product managers. It fuels innovation with Ideate, streamlines resource allocation with Prioritization, and enhances decision-making with AI Assistant. These tools combine to help product managers optimize their processes, ensuring product success.


design management

Our product is a game-changer for design managers. It facilitates collaborative design thinking with Ideate, optimizes resource allocation with Prioritization, and enhances creative decision-making with AI Assistant. This combination streamlines the design process, fostering collaboration and ensuring outstanding design outcomes.

"I love that I can invite my remote team into a virtual space where we can focus on generating actionable ideas and quickly prioritize them, all in one place!"

Arina EdTech Company

"Each team member holds valuable insights that provide us an opportunity to ensure that we deliver the right solution. Impactor's collaboration features are helping us draw out insights that lead to real transformation."

Andreina Government Agency

"Impactor is enabling us to leverage AI insights to think outside-the-box and work together to uncover new ideas to create impact in our community"

Chris Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

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