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Streamline Projects with Project Artifacts

A single source for streamlined project management, keeping your essential documents and resources within easy reach, eliminating the hassle of searching.

With the Impactor App, managing your project artifacts becomes a breeze. All your essential project documents, insights, and resources, all neatly organized and accessible in one single, user-friendly space.

Centralized Artifact Management

Effortlessly access, organize, and share your crucial project artifacts from a single, user-friendly source, eliminating the need to search across multiple tools and networks.

This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about efficiency and clarity. When you can access all your project artifacts from one source, it transforms your project management experience. No more time wasted on searching, no more missing pieces of the puzzle. With the Impactor App, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Enable Your Team with Impactor

One sentence to introduce use case personas


project manager

Our product equips project managers with a powerful suite of tools. They can ideate, prioritize, and benefit from an adaptable AI Assistant that fosters innovation and streamlines their project management process, ensuring successful project outcomes.


product manager

Our product is a must for product managers. It fuels innovation with Ideate, streamlines resource allocation with Prioritization, and enhances decision-making with AI Assistant. These tools combine to help product managers optimize their processes, ensuring product success.


design management

Our product is a game-changer for design managers. It facilitates collaborative design thinking with Ideate, optimizes resource allocation with Prioritization, and enhances creative decision-making with AI Assistant. This combination streamlines the design process, fostering collaboration and ensuring outstanding design outcomes.

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