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Transform ideas
into impact

Discover a virtual brainstorming space where your team’s creativity flourishes, turning innovative ideas into tangible outcomes.
Ideate feature

Get more done with the right ideation process

Generate ideas

Leveraging ideation techniques like brainstorming, we aim to generate a high volume of ideas by fostering an environment that emphasizes creative freedom.

Refine & prioritize

Once a substantial list of ideas has been generated, start filtering and refining them.
Give precedence to ideas following specific guidelines or benchmarks.

Capture everything

Document every idea with Impactor's ideation tool, from the earliest inklings to the most developed concepts, ensuring a broad spectrum of thoughts.

Finalize & implement

Once an idea has been thoroughly refined, finalize the concept for implementation.
Plan the next steps to bring the idea to life.

Centralized creativity hub

A single, dynamic space where team members can effortlessly share and develop their most innovative ideas, ensuring no thought goes unnoticed.

User friendly dashboard

Navigate through the ideation process with ease using our intuitive product dashboard, making it simpler to capture and organize ideas.

Inclusive collaboration

Encourage participation from every team member, regardless of their location, fostering a diverse pool of ideas and perspectives.

Seamless integration

Effortlessly incorporate the Ideate feature into your existing workflows, ensuring a smooth transition from ideation to execution.
         Creating space for everyone to contribute and know their perspective matters to creating team engagement and finding innovative solutions. The fact that Impactor enables this, makes it a valuable tool for project collaboration.
Impactor app

Product Manager, Agency

Product Manager, Agency

Document and track ideas

Keep a detailed record of all brainstorming sessions, making it easy to revisit and refine ideas over time.

Inspiration on demand

Access a wealth of resources and inspiration within the platform to spark creativity and push boundaries.

Help your team to achieve milestones faster

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