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Impactor APP for Product Teams

Ideate. Strategize. Execute.

Seamlessly integrate your ideas into actionable plans and keep your team on track.

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Activate team's idea power

When it comes to brainstorming product ideas, nothing beats the synergy of a team working together. 

Impactor’s Merge feature makes affinity diagramming a breeze, helping you transform a collection of individual thoughts into a cohesive set of innovative solutions.

Elevate creative process with AI insights

By infusing AI into your brainstorming process, Impactor ensures your sessions are more than just productive – they’re transformative, aligning every creative thought with your overarching strategic goals.

Impactor’s AI Assistant not only broadens your ideation spectrum but also steers those ideas towards practical, impactful applications.

Refine brainstorming with the merge feature

Incorporating merge functionality into your team’s affinity diagramming, Impactor transforms the way you brainstorm product ideas. 

This approach not only streamlines productivity but also enriches the brainstorming experience, ensuring each concept is closely tied to your strategic objectives. 

Elevate product development execution

By allowing you to add essential tasks aligned with your committed impacts, assign them to appropriate team members, and meticulously track their progress, this system revolutionizes how your team achieves its goals. 

This method not only enhances organizational efficiency but also deepens the engagement of each team member, ensuring every task is strategically focused and contributes meaningfully to your overarching objectives.

Help your team to achieve milestones faster

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