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Modernizing Canada’s Supply-Chain Network with Impactor App


Modernization and building a robust supply-chain network are key objectives within Canada’s transportation industry. This includes improving efficiency and accessibility to transportation data and information across the network through digitization. 

Large-scale transformations like this require alignment and coordination across multiple stakeholders and delivery teams, all working towards shared objectives at every phase of the initiative. Impactor App plays a key role enabling inclusion and collaboration from ideation to enablement of the desired impact.

       Creating space for everyone to contribute and know their perspective matters to creating team engagement and finding innovative solutions. The fact that Impactor enables this, makes it a valuable tool for project collaboration.


Product Manager of an Agency

Product Manager of a website that aims to connect Canadians with transportation information

Impactor app


Understanding key system issues and developing the right set of requirements are critical to success and enabling a solution that delivers impact for improving the supply-chain network. This requires capturing the knowledge and insights from each stakeholder and team member, which can be especially challenging when multiple teams need to coordinate together to deliver the final solution. Successful coordination here involves the need to:

  • Facilitate inclusive discussions where each team member feels ownership and is empowered to contribute their perspectives towards the project’s success.
  • Prioritize ideas and outcomes unbiasedly to build consensus.
  • Align and clarify the project’s goals at every stage of the initiative.
  • Adapt by using both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration methods to accommodate everyone’s busy and conflicting schedules.
  • Achieve all of the above quickly and sustainably to meet demanding timelines.

        The ability to prioritize and leverage Impactor App’s algorithm and user-friendly interface not only makes decision-making faster, but also creates shared ownership for everyone involved


Product Manager of an Agency

Product Manager of a website that aims to connect Canadians with transportation information
Impactor app


The website product team is driving their digital transformation using the powerful project collaboration features of Impactor App. The solution is used across strategy, design, and development phases of the project to:

  • Accelerate the transition from ideation to decision-making by up to 80%.
  • Achieve 100% team engagement by enabling every member to contribute ideas and input on prioritization.
  • Create alignment between stakeholders from different teams through a user-friendly interface that facilitates both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.
  • Conduct heuristic evaluations and develop design recommendations using value and effort prioritization scales.
  • Provide a centralized project hub for consolidating and sharing feedback. 


Digital Transformation will continue to play a pivotal role in modernizing and building a reliable supply-chain network for Canada. Guiding this transformation will require the product team to continue to enable innovative solutions that create impact. This means collaboration to come up with ideas and a robust approach to prioritization are going to be key to success.

Impactor App will continue to be a solution enabling: 

  • A culture of inclusive and collaborative decision-making engaging members across project delivery; 
  • Innovation- and impact-focused ideation powered by humans creativity augmented by AI; 
  • Transparency and alignment by building consensus using features such as Commit and the Project Hub.

As an early adopter, the product team will benefit from the latest releases and feature enhancement within Impactor App, including the ability to develop resource plans, metrics, and advance AI features. 

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