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AI Assistant To Transform Your Ideation Process

by Impactor

Feb 28, 2024

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In today’s fast-paced world, innovation is key to staying ahead. The AI Assistant in the Impactor app is designed to elevate your team’s ideation and collaboration processes. This intelligent tool helps generate diverse ideas based on your project description, allowing teams to explore different perspectives and break free from biased thinking. Discover how this feature can transform your brainstorming sessions and foster a more inclusive and innovative environment.

How to use AI Assistant?

The Impactor APP’s AI Assistant is powered by advanced algorithms that analyze your project’s description to generate relevant and diverse ideas. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1 – enable the AI Assistant:

Simply click the AI enable toggle in your project settings to activate the assistant.

STEP 2 – provide a сlear project description.

Enter a detailed and comprehensive project description. The clarity and depth of this description are crucial as they guide the AI in generating pertinent ideas.

STEP 3 – ‘Inspire Me’ button

Team members can click the ‘Inspire Me’ button to receive AI-generated ideas that are directly related to the project’s goals and requirements.

🎥 Watch: How to use AI Assistant?

AI Assistant
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Importance of clear project description

A clear and detailed project description is the foundation for effective ideation with the AI Assistant. Here’s why it’s essential:

🎯 Guides AI generation.

A well-defined description helps the AI understand the project’s scope and objectives, leading to more accurate and relevant idea generation.

🎯 Facilitates diverse perspectives.

Detailed project information allows the AI to explore various angles and perspectives, enhancing creativity and innovation.

🎯 Reduces ambiguity. 

Clear descriptions minimize misunderstandings and ensure that the AI-generated ideas align closely with the project’s goals.

How the AI Assistant enhances collaborative ideation

Collaborative ideation is at the heart of successful project management. The Impactor APP’s AI Assistant boosts this process by:

  1. Generating diverse ideas. By analyzing the project description, the AI Assistant generates a wide range of ideas, helping teams consider multiple approaches and solutions.
  2. Breaking biases. AI-driven ideation encourages teams to move beyond their usual thinking patterns, fostering a more open and unbiased brainstorming environment.
  3. Engaging team members. The AI Assistant provides inspiration and fresh ideas, engaging team members and encouraging active participation in the ideation process.
  4. Simplifying idea contribution. Team members can contribute ideas individually in a safe and confidential manner, promoting a conducive environment for sharing and collaboration.

AI Assistant key features

📌 ‘Inspire Me’ button.

Provides instant AI-generated ideas based on your project description, sparking creativity and new perspectives.

📌 Group and categorize ideas.

The AI Assistant helps in grouping and categorizing ideas easily, streamlining the process and avoiding delays in team meetings.

📌 Unified statements.

Generates unified statements from multiple contributions, simplifying the ideation process and ensuring clarity and coherence.

enhancing product development

Imagine a product development team working on a new app. By enabling the AI Assistant and providing a detailed project description, team members can click ‘Inspire Me’ to receive diverse ideas for features, user interfaces, and functionalities. This process not only sparks creativity but also ensures that the team considers a wide range of possibilities, leading to a more innovative and user-friendly product.


The AI Assistant in Impactor is a powerful tool that enhances your team’s ideation and collaboration efforts. By generating diverse ideas based on clear project descriptions, it helps teams explore new perspectives, break free from biases, and engage more deeply in the creative process. 

Enable the AI Assistant today and experience the difference it can make in your project’s success.

Urooj Qureshi
Chief Product Officer
Founder and CPO of Impactor App, on a mission to enable teams deliver inclusive, sustainable, and impact-centered solutions.
Table of Contents

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