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Introducing Our Newest Addition: Group Feature

by Impactor

May 27, 2024

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Your project management just got a significant upgrade with the latest addition to the Impactor app: the Group feature. Designed to streamline the way you categorize and refine ideas, this tool simplifies affinity mapping by leveraging AI to automate and enhance the grouping process.


The new Group feature in the Impactor app represents a major step forward in simplifying your project management and idea organization process. Whether you’re leading a team, launching a startup, or working on creative projects, this feature offers a more efficient, flexible, and user-friendly way to manage your ideas. 


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Group Feature
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Key updates:

The Group feature allows users to manage their brainstorming ideas through a streamlined workflow. With just a few clicks, you can group related ideas and let our AI assistant generate a summary that captures the essence of each group. This eliminates the need for manual sorting and wording, saving you time and effort.

User benefits:

📌 Enhanced focus and clarity.

Quickly group ideas by common themes, bringing clarity to your brainstorming sessions and reducing ambiguity.

📌 Improved decision-making.

Automatically generated summaries help you make more informed decisions about idea organization and project direction.

📌 Streamlined workflow.

From idea collection to grouping, the entire process is simplified, ensuring tasks are organized systematically and efficiently.

📌 Flexibility and adaptability.

Easily adjust groupings and summaries, promoting innovation and agility in your project management and project collaboration.

📌 Clear communication.

The AI-generated summaries facilitate better collaboration and understanding among team members.

Technical features:

🎯 AI-powered summarization.

Automatically generate concise summaries for grouped ideas.

🎯 Simple grouping process.

Select and group ideas with ease, then refine AI-generated proposals as needed.

🎯 Efficient workflow integration.

Seamlessly integrate grouping into your existing brainstorming and project management processes.

Challenges addressed:
from tedious sorting to clear organization

The Group feature addresses common challenges in brainstorming sessions, such as the tedious nature of manually sorting ideas, the difficulty in crafting cohesive summaries, and the inefficiency of traditional affinity mapping methods. By providing a structured and automated approach, this feature helps you overcome these challenges and drive successful project management and project collaboration outcomes.


streamlining product development ideas

Imagine a product development team brainstorming features for a new app. Using the Group feature, they can quickly categorize various feature ideas, like user interface enhancements, performance improvements, and new functionalities. The AI assistant then generates summaries for each group, providing clear, concise descriptions that capture the core concepts. This allows the team to focus on refining and prioritizing ideas, leading to a more cohesive and well-organized product development plan.


Whether you’re in a fast-paced startup or a large organization, this tool will transform your brainstorming sessions.  With Impactor, you can streamline your process and keep your creative momentum going strong. Experience the difference the Group feature can make in your project management, project collaboration, and idea organization process.

Urooj Qureshi
Chief Product Officer
Founder and CPO of Impactor App, on a mission to enable teams deliver inclusive, sustainable, and impact-centered solutions.
Table of Contents

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