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Know Your Priorities With Prioritize Feature 

by Impactor

Jan 15, 2024

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Effective project management hinges on the ability to prioritize outcomes that truly matter. The Impactor app’s Prioritization feature is designed to transform how teams evaluate and rank ideas, ensuring efforts are directed towards impactful and strategic goals. Following the ideation phase, this feature helps teams streamline their workflow and make informed decisions that drive project success.

How to use Prioritize feature?

After generating ideas using the Ideate feature, prioritizing those ideas is the next crucial step. Here’s how to effectively use the Prioritize feature

STEP 1 – create a project:

Begin by creating your project, entering a clear and detailed project description.

STEP 2 – generate ideas:

Use the Ideate feature, with or without the AI assistant, to brainstorm and gather diverse ideas.

STEP 3 – enable prioritization:

Within your project settings, activate the Prioritize feature to start evaluating and ranking the ideas generated.

STEP 4 – set evaluation criteria: 

Define the criteria that are most important for your project’s success, such as impact, feasibility, and alignment with goals.

STEP 5 – evaluate and score ideas: 

Invite team members to evaluate each idea against the set criteria, assigning scores and providing insights.

STEP 6 – decide and act: 

Based on the prioritization results, make informed decisions about which ideas to pursue, ensuring your team’s efforts are focused on the most impactful outcomes.

🎥 Watch: How to use Prioritize feature?

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Addressing common project challenges

The Prioritization feature addresses several common project management challenges:

🎯 Poor prioritization.

By providing a structured approach to evaluating and ranking ideas, this feature helps teams avoid confusion and frustration caused by poor prioritization.

🎯 Lack of inclusion. 

Collaborative input ensures that all team members can contribute to the decision-making process, fostering a sense of ownership and inclusivity.

🎯 Clarity and focus. 

A clear visual representation of prioritized ideas helps teams stay focused on their goals and make strategic decisions.

What benefits do you get?

📌 Increased efficiency.

Streamline the evaluation process, saving time and ensuring that the team focuses on high-impact ideas.

📌 Improved decision-making.

Well-defined criteria and collaborative input lead to more informed and strategic decisions.

📌 Enhanced clarity.

A visual prioritization matrix provides a clear roadmap for project execution, helping teams stay aligned with their goals.

📌 Promotes inclusivity.

Ensures that all team members have a voice in the prioritization process, enhancing team cohesion and morale.

streamlining product development

Consider a product development team working on a new app. After generating various feature ideas using the Ideate feature, they use the Prioritize feature to evaluate these ideas based on impact, user demand, and development effort. The visual prioritization matrix helps the team identify which features will deliver the most value to users and align with the project’s goals, providing a clear roadmap for development.


The Prioritize feature in Impactor is essential for effective project management. By providing a structured and collaborative approach to evaluating and ranking ideas, it helps teams focus on outcomes that truly matter. Enable the Prioritize feature today and experience the benefits of clearer, more strategic decision-making in your projects with Impactor.

Urooj Qureshi
Chief Product Officer
Founder and CPO of Impactor App, on a mission to enable teams deliver inclusive, sustainable, and impact-centered solutions.
Table of Contents

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