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Product Features Updates: Q1 2024

by Impactor

Apr 3, 2024

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Discover the latest upgrades to Impactor.

We’ve enhanced our web app with powerful tools for streamlined project management and collaboration. Explore the new features designed to optimize your workflows and boost productivity.


Streamlining Project Progression

We’ve introduced enhancements to the project statuses feature to offer better organization and visibility. Now, every project progresses through phases of Ideating, Prioritizing, Committing, and Task Management, enabling you to easily track progress directly from the dashboard. Additionally, archived projects are now filtered out, ensuring a cleaner and more focused view of your active projects. With the addition of Task Management to Committed impacts, you can efficiently break down impacts into actionable tasks, further enhancing project execution and collaboration.

How to Use: Upon creating a project, navigate to the top bar to see the project phase prominently displayed. Choose between Ideate, Prioritize, Commit, or Tasks based on your project’s current stage.

Multiple Committed Impacts

We understand that projects often involve multiple impactful endeavors. That’s why we’ve introduced the ability for users to commit to multiple impacts. These committed impacts are conveniently accessible from the Tasks tab, enabling you to manage your projects more comprehensively.

How to Use: After prioritizing your impacts, simply select and commit to multiple impacts directly by selecting those with the highest priority score (or based on your preference). This allows you to manage multiple project initiatives simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive project management.


Settings: Account and Organization Management

Admins now have enhanced control over organizational settings. They can effortlessly change the organization’s name and view subscription details, ensuring smooth and efficient management of your Impactor account.

How to Use: As an admin, access the settings menu to change your organization’s name or view subscription details. This centralized management hub streamlines administrative tasks, providing greater control over your Impactor account.

settings impactor

Project Access Control

We’ve enhanced project access control functionalities to streamline collaboration. The user who creates a project automatically becomes the Project Owner, with exclusive control over project access. Only invited members have access to the Project Space. Project Owners can easily manage member access by adding or removing them from the Project Space.

How to Use: When creating a project, you automatically become the Project Owner. Use the three dots opposite to your project and then click “Edit” to manage and grant access to collaborate. You can also invite all the company team at once or choose by invitations via email. Members can receive email invites, and Project Owners can easily manage access permissions.


Project access

Polishing Tasks

We’ve been diligently working on refining our Tasks feature. With the first version of Tasks now available, users can experiment with task management, including editing and updating task statuses. We’re keen on gathering feedback to further enhance this feature for a seamless project management experience.

How to Use: After committing to the prioritized impacts, experiment with the Beta version of Tasks by accessing the Tasks tab. Edit and update statuses as needed.


Task feature

Impact Grouping (upcoming)

To facilitate better organization during the Ideate phase, users can now group impacts together. This makes affinity diagramming easier than ever by allowing teams to group related ideas and refine their thinking. Additionally, users have the flexibility to ungroup impacts as needed without losing any of their work, providing better documentation of ideas.

We’re committed to continually improving the Impactor experience for our users. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming quarters as we strive to empower you with even more tools for impactful project management.

Urooj Qureshi
Chief Product Officer
Founder and CPO of Impactor App, on a mission to enable teams deliver inclusive, sustainable, and impact-centered solutions.
Table of Contents

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