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Introducing Our Newest Feature: Task Management

by Impactor

Feb 12, 2024

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Your project collaboration just got an upgrade

We’re excited to share with you the essence of our latest feature, crafted to make project management smoother and more intuitive. It’s all about breaking down the big picture into manageable, actionable steps so your team can turn those ambitious ideas into tangible results. 


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task feature
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Key updates

  • Track progress. Monitor your project with to-do lists and task completion, keeping everything moving forward.
  • Prioritize tasks. Easily identify and prioritize critical tasks to focus your team’s efforts where they’re needed most.
  • Enhance collaboration. Share insights and feedback to work more efficiently and avoid duplicated efforts.
  • Comprehensive records. Use task tracking as a detailed record for informed decision-making.
task feature

Task feature designed for project efficiency

This feature is built for project managers, team leaders, and anyone involved in project execution, aiming to simplify your workflow and enhance team performance.

Benefits of task feature

  • Organize effectively. Transform chaotic ideas into structured, actionable plans.
  • Collaborate in real time. Facilitate easier idea sharing and task refinement.
  • Ensure accountability. Clear task assignments enhance focus and drive across the team.
  • Simplify prioritization. Focus on urgent tasks while keeping an overview of upcoming duties.
task feature

Technical features

  • Intuitive design. Simple, user-friendly interface to get your team started quickly.
  • Adaptable. Customizable options to meet the unique needs of your projects.
Impactor Task feature


Our goal is to improve how teams work together, making project management more efficient and goal-oriented. This feature is here to support your team’s success.

Eliz Maiboroda
Marketing Manager and Personal Growth Coach
With over ten years of diverse experience in marketing and training as an ICF-certified coach, Eliz specializes in driving personal growth and developing marketing strategies.
Table of Contents

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