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Revitalizing Marketing Strategy for a Marketing Consultant


Revamping a marketing strategy from scratch can be a daunting task, especially for clients who are unsure of where to begin. This was the challenge faced by Eliz, a Marketing Consultant and Coach, when working with a client who was at a crossroads with their marketing efforts. The introduction of Impactor App became a turning point, providing a structured approach to ideation and strategy development.


The app brought clarity and direction to our brainstorming sessions

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant


Eliz’s client, a small business owner, was overwhelmed by the vast array of marketing options and lacked a clear starting point. The key challenges included:

  • Identifying the most effective marketing tactics from a sea of possibilities.
  • Organizing brainstorming sessions that were productive and focused.
  • Prioritizing ideas and strategies in a way that aligned with business goals.
  • Managing time efficiently to quickly implement effective marketing actions.


Eliz introduced her client to Impactor App, focusing on its prioritization and ideation features. The process involved:

  • Utilizing Impactor App’s smart algorithms to prioritize marketing strategies based on value and effort.
  • Conducting structured brainstorming sessions within the app to gather and refine ideas.Leveraging the app’s user-friendly interface for both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.
  • Setting clear goals and milestones within the app to guide the marketing strategy development.

     The software didn’t just help us choose the right strategies; it facilitated the entire approach to marketing sessions and boosted our collaboration

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant


The use of Impactor App transformed the client’s approach to marketing:

  • Accelerated the ideation to strategy development process by decreasing the decision making time by 50%.
  • Increased efficiency in marketing brainstorming sessions, achieving targeted and effective outcomes.
  • Enabled the prioritization of marketing strategies that offered the best ROI.
  • Fostered a sense of ownership and involvement in the marketing planning process.


For Eliz and her client, Impactor App proved to be an invaluable tool in transforming their marketing strategy. Its capabilities in fostering collaborative, focused, and efficient ideation and prioritization processes were instrumental in developing a clear, impactful marketing plan.

Moving forward, Eliz plans to continue utilizing Impactor App for its:

  • Innovative approach to collaborative strategy development.
  • Efficient and effective ideation and prioritization process.
  • AI-enhanced capabilities to streamline marketing strategy development.

Impactor App’s continued updates and feature enhancements promise to further aid Eliz in guiding her clients towards successful marketing strategies, cementing its role as an essential tool in the marketing consultant’s toolkit.

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