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Discover a project collaboration virtual brainstorming space where your team’s creativity flourishes, turning innovative ideas into tangible outcomes.

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Ideate feature

Utilizing tools like Ideate feature ensures every concept, no matter how raw or unconventional, is captured and documented. 


Prioritize feature elevates project collaboration by strategically aligning team efforts with key objectives, transforming resource allocation to focus on what’s most important. 

AI Assistant

Elevate your productivity with AI Assistant

AI technology supports improved collaboration among team members, including those working remotely. Through AI-driven Impactor’s solutions for sharing and developing ideas, it helps foster an environment of innovation and ensures every team member’s input is valued.

Customer experiences

     With Impactor we can quickly identify key gaps and opportunities as a team, which we can then prioritize and focus on enabling impact driven products and services.


Product Manager in Government

Product Manager in Government

       It’s easy to use, and concentrates only on the core things – letting the teams ideate and prioritize their ideas. What used to take us several hours, now turned into asynchronous ideation work!


Product Manager at DinoLab

Product Manager at DinoLab

     The structure that Impactor gives to brainstorming is very helpful, while not limiting ideas. This is a great tool for brainstorming, ideation, and prioritization in large and small projects.


Research and Analysis Officer in Public Sector

Research and Analysis Officer in Public Sector

Ensure robust protection

Maintaining data security is vital, yet it often becomes a challenge when compliance and server location are not prioritized. Our data is SOC compliant via Digital Ocean, with servers located in Canada, offering robust protection. 

Inclusive decision-making

Our approach is designed to dismantle the barriers of hierarchical business structures, reducing the pressure to conform and encouraging open communication. 

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